Blimps children's books Books on munchausen War hero poems

Blimps children's books

Blimps children's books, Books on munchausen, War hero poems

Blimps children's books

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Hello, I'm Andrew: a human "grown-up" boy. I'm made out of squidgy bits, concepts, daydreams, Lego bricks and other bits and bobs. I'm some things while I'm awake; I'm various other things while I'm asleep. Drawing, guitaring, reading, writing, observing, playing, enjoying and creating are a few of the "ings" that occur within the time and space that is "me".
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So, this is my Goodreads account in case you’d like to add me :) Let’s talk books!

I’ll miss you, Shelfari, my old friend.

The Man in the High Castle

“The Man in the High Castle” by Philip K. Dick

My rating: 5/5

The Man in the High Castle is a book that I have planned to read for around a decade. After such a length of time, and since loving various other Philip K. Dick novels, I can definitely say it is not what I expected. Most notably, and I hope this isn’t perceived as a spoiler in any way, is that it could barely - or even at all - be described as science fiction (and interestingly, such a discussion features in the narrative). Out of the books I’ve read by P.K.D, this reminded me of one of his more grounded novels, “Mary and the Giant” over any other, but it retains the author’s usual - though wildly varying - theme on perception and reality, which is one of the reasons I am such a fan. The Man in the High Castle weaves together a cast of characters who are dealing in one way or another with their existence in the world, although it is not the world we know. In their reality, Germany and Japan won World War 2, and so their outlook on life and problems directly or indirectly relate to those existing in the various societies born from that outcome. The storytelling is very subtle, and almost requires an ear to the ground, but the way the characters’ lives connect and influence each other is clever and gripping. This is yet another excellent book by Philip K. Dick, and though on a base level it can be purely enjoyed as drama, it is a story which warrants considerable reflection and discussion upon its many themes.

Once upon a time there were two little birdies, and then NOM NOM NOM!

The first time I used a typewriter was in The Lake District at Allan Bank. It was upon a desk where William Wordsworth may have written when he stayed at that house. Amazing property, and well worth a visit if you’re in the Grasmere area!

Happy Halloween.

I spotted this mean looking dude, and he spotted me. 

I’ve been itching to read this for a long time…

Woozy, compelling, saucy and inside-out. Warrants a long sit down session afterwards. Can’t wait for the next one.

Martin Blakemore

The first person to read my debut novel was my wonderful friend Martin who currently resides in Vancouver. He’s a splendid human boy (man) with whom I’ve exchanged many late night conversations over the years, and from whose mind I’m expecting some brilliant original fiction in the future. His feedback for my book was great and I can’t wait to discuss it further with him face to face. Now, does anyone have any contacts, tips or advice on getting a literary agent? Any help whatsoever would be incredible!

I performed one of my songs on camera last night. It’s called Body Clocks and is a rather melancholy tale. What do you think? 

I first borrowed this book from the library, continued reading it on holiday in eBook form, and am currently reading yet another edition which I bought myself. Regardless of format, The Crimson Petal and the White is an enthralling read. I still need to return the library book; laying it alongside my edition I find it interesting to see how it has been marketed in different ways by its wildly varying cover art and choice of typography.

The Absence of Light, by Andrew K. Jolly →

Did you know that I make music sometimes? Today I’m releasing my first EP. It’s thematically on the darker side of life, hence the title, but there’s a tiny chance you might like it. The stunning artwork is by Emmeline Pidgen and perfectly complements the music. Thanks in advance for listening